What Is The Best Bedliner For Me?

Figuring out how to protect your bed can be tough, but with the right information, coming to a decision on your bedliner will be an easy task. There are a few different bedliner types – Plastic, Spray-In, Rug, or Mat.

Plastic liners will offer the lowest cost, quickest installation, and are a great choice for fleet vehicles or contractors. Our Spray-In liner is Bullet Liner. Made by the team that started the entire spray-on truck bed liner industry, it offers outstanding protection against chemicals, impacts, and scuffing, with a non-skid texture. This will leave the bed surface rust-proof and looking great since it is a coating. Absolutely zero bed space is lost when applying Bullet Liner, which also is backed by their National Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Rug-type liners are a premium, custom molded way to make your bed look great while making it much less painful to crawl around in due to the thick, padded sides and floor. They pair up extremely well with any type of tonneau cover but can be used in an open bed as well.

Mat-type liners give you basic protection on the bottom of your bed and are easily removed at any time. They are available in both rubber and rug-type materials. If you’re still not sure, feel free to check these liners out in person at our showroom!