Bedliners & Coatings

Quality Spray-On Liners & Protective Coatings

When you buy your new truck, don’t forget to protect it! We offer a wide variety of products to not only keep out corrosion but also help you potentially increase your resale value.

For your truck bed, we offer our Black Diamond spray-on liner, plastic drop-in liners, and stylish Bed Rugs. When corrosion protection is desired, we can undercoat your frame and underbody that finishes black and looks great. When it’s time to help protect your interior, ask about our vinyl & leather protection. Worried about your cloth interior? We can protect it too!

Not sure what to pick or need more information? Contact us and we can help you choose the perfect product depending on your needs or desires.

Black Diamond Spray On Bed Liners

Our Black Diamond Coating Division, with 25 years of experience, spray the best polyurea products on the market. Black Diamond coatings have the highest tensile strength rating and are scratch and scuff resistant. We offer an original-owner lifetime warranty against bubbling, cracking, and flaking. Stop by and ask to see something sprayed in Black Diamond.

BedRug Drop-In Bed Liners

Choose a BedRug drop-in bed liner and your knees will never hurt again when climbing in the back of your truck! Built with a durable polypropylene structure, the BedRug holds up to years of use. Installed using velcro hook and loop construction, you can easily return your bed to its original non-lined state.

Penda Drop-In Bed Liners

Penda’s drop-in liner options offer you a custom fit and endless utility at an affordable price. With a quick installation time of as little as fifteen minutes, you can add this liner to your vehicle in record time.