Dyno Tuning Services

Dyno Tuning Services

Finely calibrate your vehicle.

Dyno tuning is a systematic way to adjust your engine that allows for a precisely refined tune-up. If you are focused on correcting or improving your engine’s performance, a dyno tune is the way to go. In preparing your vehicle for this service, we will do a visual inspection for obvious things like broken vacuum lines, brittle plug wires, improper oil burning and similar. We also check to assure that your engine is mechanically sound.

Considering a dyno tuning service for your vehicle? Contact us and we can answer all your questions!

Dyno Tuning For Your Vehicle

We are very proud to offer custom dyno tuning featuring our Mustang MD-600! It is the only dyno wide enough to handle your Dually or lifted truck. It is capable of measuring up to 2,000 hp and a top speed of 200 mph. The single-eddy absorption unit allows us to finely calibrate your vehicle in ways many can’t.

Dyno Tuning ServicesA dyno tuning session entails inspection and fine tuning of your spark plugs, distributor, vacuum advance, and ignition components. Your vehicle is placed on the dynamometer, with the driving wheels on the dyno rollers. We test your vehicle with the engine running and in gear, at various speed and load conditions. This testing gives us the data we need to fine tune your vehicle for maximum drive and efficiency.

Since our dyno tuning service entails several hours of work, please contact us and schedule an appointment. Upon completion of this service, you will received detailed information regarding your vehicle’s tuning specifications.